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Sealcon has developed several conduit lines to provide reliable protection that offers a versatile protection range to all types of cable. Hot and cold temperatures, tensile and compressive loads and wear-and-tear can cause severe damage to cables resulting in malfunctions and loss of production. Prevent your wires and cables from damage with our wide range of conduit protection products. The Metal Standard Series is offered in galvanized metal and PVC coating while the Metal Pro Series is available in galvanized metal with smooth PVC and braided options. The Nylon Series is liquid tight, durable and is available in standard and slit options, the SuperFlex Series offers higher flexibility options and is ideal for drag chains and robotics. A wide range of fittings makes it easy to find the right answers for every requirement. The Sealcon Conduit System is perfect for rugged environments, in industries demanding high flexibility and bending capabilities, are impact and crush resistant and are outdoor and vandalism safe. Contact Sealcon today for more information!