About Sealcon

Sealcon is your cable gland and connector specialist. We have over 6000 types, sizes, and configurations including NPT, Metric & PG threads. Materials include Nylon, Nickel Plated Brass, PVDF, and Stainless Steel. Benefits include UV & Pull-out resistance, V0 rated & Non-Corrosive products. There are no minimum orders and superior quality at affordable prices. Request Catalog or Sample your application today!

We Have Hygienic Glands For Food Processing

With food safety and cleanliness being a priority in food processing and bottling, Sealcon now has 2 specially designed hygienic glands to outperform the extreme demands of the market. The FP gland is perfectly designed for foam cleaning applications and our RG gland is perfect for applications where high pressure cleaning is needed. Both glands feature a smooth design which almost eliminates any crevices that could store bacteria or debri! These fittings are also manufactured to the highest standards using FDA compliant materials such as 316L stainless steel and silicone. Our glands are also halogen and phosphorus free while having an operating temperature of -40 degrees to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.  Not only are these fittings ideal for food processing, but they are perfect for the Pharma, Bio-technical and Chemical industries. Contact us today for more information or visit Sealcon Hygienic Glandsrgfp

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