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The Hygienic Cable Gland design from Sealcon has been developed for applications where food safety and cleanliness are of the highest importance. Sealcon features two specially designed hygienic glands to outperform the extreme demands of the market. Both the FP and RG Hygienic Gland feature a smooth design which nearly eliminates any crevice that could potentially hold harmful bacteria or debris. The FP Gland is specifically designed for foam cleaning applications, whereas the RG Gland is specifically designed for applications requiring high-pressure cleaning. Both Hygienic Glands are manufactured to the highest standard using FDA compliant materials such as 316L stainless steel and silicone. These Glands are also halogen and phosphorus free and are produced to withstand an operating temperature of -40 °F to 248 °F (-40 °C to 120°C). The FP and RG gland are ideal not only for the food processing and bottling industry, but also the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technical and Chemical industries. Contact Sealcon today for more information!