PVC and PUR Cables For M8 and M12 Cordsets

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Sealcon has two different options for the cable material for both our M8 and M12 cordsets.  The standard material of our wire coating is a PVC coating.  The PVC coating is a more cost effective solution which is ideal for operations requiring less movement and bending of the cable.  In addition to the PVC coating… Read more »

Our New M8/M12 cordsets Are An Ideal Component of IIoT Systems

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Over a century ago, the industrial revolution marked the development of a new age of machinery and equipment, laying the foundation of an era of unprecedented productivity.  In recent years, a similar revolution has emerged in the form of internet-driven communication capabilities.  Today, the merger of industrial processes and internet connectivity has created a new… Read more »

M12 Power Circular Connector, A Major Milestone in an age of Miniaturization!

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The new compact & powerful M12 Power Circular Connector opens the door to entirely new applications and capabilities! The M12 Power Circular Connector boasts a high power transmission, a compact design, large temperature range and convincing electro-mechanical features. This is a major milestone in an age of miniaturization! The benefits of the M12 Power Circular… Read more »